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Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

The Covid-19 pandemic is still toying with us, spinning the world around its little finger. Covid-19 wards close and re-open. Countries that believed they won the battle with the pandemic find themselves re-issuing recommendations to use masks. As one wave fades, another erupts, leading to deep confusion. The future is as unclear as ever. It turns out that the reports as to the end of the pandemic were greatly exaggerated. The medical establishment is constantly rethinking its steps.
Are we truly in the post-Covid era, as part of the post-modern era? Is the return to free travel and tourism merely temporary? How long will jets still carry passengers weary of being tied down to one place, before they are grounded again?
Open skies are good for the art world. Artists tend to be free spirits; most do not adapt well to stiff rules and regulations, restrictions, limitations and borders.
Artists can soar above all these. They use their imagination, their mental flexibility and due to their nature tend to challenge authority. Some artists are comfortable in their homes and studios, between four walls, while many others yearn to break out, conquer new territories and achieve as much recognition as possible.
For most artists, air travel and reestablishing connections between countries is as essential as breathing. Culture exchange is necessary for creating cultural diversity, and of course – exposure.
In this era, globalization is more of a blessing than a problem for art and culture. Widening, accelerating and deepening cultural ties are a must for all nations. The trend is to expose and be exposed, to know the other and have the other know me and my art, as well as my background and environment.
Even in the most difficult days of the pandemic, when borders were closed, residents shut in their homes and free movement limited – even then, the accelerated technological development enabled artists to overcome borders and restrictions.
The internet, smartphones, computers, satellite communications and social media – all these enable almost anyone to reach anywhere. Google, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram – all contribute to transforming local, personal art to a global phenomenon, unchained to geographic location or state borders.
The cultural relationships between countries and nations contribute to deepening and widening exposure of art works. This is true of guest and travelling exhibitions as well as artists’ exchanges. The code word is: Exposure. Or as we should underline: Exposure, exposure, exposure.
Israeli art has long since broke into the international art scene. Many Israeli artists exhibit abroad, are well known abroad and enjoy exposure abroad. In this issue we feature several of these artists. One cannot know who this issue will reach or which eyes will rest on our content. The world is full of surprises.
There are good reasons for art collectors and art lovers to be intrigued by Israeli art. On the one hand, the unique history of this land and on the other, the manner in which people from around the globe assembled in Israel. Israeli art features a wide array of styles, techniques, trends, influence and modes of expression.
To conclude, even if Covid-19 is still with us, reinventing itself constantly with new dangerous variants – and even if humans decide again to impose restrictions, limitations and lockdowns – the artist’s spirit was, and remains, free.

Yoram Mark-Reich, Culture Editor
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