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This volume, no. 65, offers an interview, or a discourse rather, with Svetlana Reingold, chief curator of Haifa Museums of Art. The interview was transcribed with no language editing, in order to convey its authentic tone. The delivery is not necessarily articulate or accurate, but I find the contents to be highly important. It is worth to remind potential detractors that some of us are not native to Hebrew, while most of us have it as a second language, and so forth.

The museum currently has a rich, diverse cluster of exhibitions on show, all evidently the product of a painstaking process. The collaboration between the curators and artists, Israeli as well as foreigners from different corners of this planet, resulted in a superb, versatile collection of fine exhibitions. Feminism, with all its achievement and the prominence it has gained, is explored and examined as it charts its way forward in the age of sexual binary. The curatorial approach as a whole is thorough and all-encompassing, without compromising the aesthetics or the artistic engagement, in what can be defined as a must-see exhibition.
The theme of the upcoming Biennale for Drawing in Jerusalem is 3D drawing, with a variety of works that are mostly stimulating and take the concept of drawing into rich, riveting realms. A classic photography exhibition of Osnat Ben Dov is currently showing at Beit Haomanim, Tel Aviv. The exhibition takes a sober, appreciative, non-ingratiating angle on beauty, thereby succeeding in appealing to us. A daring, defiant photography exhibition by Daniel Tsal is currently showing at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Tsal’s works touch upon physical subjects that we are mostly taught to be coy about. Taking an unflinching, risqu? look, Tsal opts to engage with the exposed body and human sexuality. Make no mistake: Topic notwithstanding, Tsal’s works constitute photography at its best, with a lot more to it than social sexual risqu?, which may prove controversial. What we have here is a master photographer.

Hana Barak Engel
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