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The Modern Times exhibition is on loan to the Tel Aviv Museum, from the Philadelphia Museum of Arts. Fifty works, the very best of European art, make up this fantastic exhibition, showcasing different eras and artistic styles, the best of the best. During my visit I was happy to see patrons coming back to one or more works that caught their eye, examine it carefully, taking the time to look at each and every detail without haste, study the way it was executed, follow the artist’s brush strokes. This rare opportunity of lingering and observing these masterpieces in comfort is rare and, judging by the crowds, greatly appreciated.
The Nekudat Zchut exhibition at the Eretz Israel Museum donates all profits to at-risk youths. It is by definition eclectic, and its significance lies in the philanthropy for which it stands, representing the generous, social aspect of artists who often contribute to various causes. At the Herzliyah Museum, one can meet with French artist Cl?ment Cogitore, winner of the prestigious Duchamp award.
An international artist gathering took place at T?rgu Jiu, Romania, attended by seven Israeli artists. The purpose of these gatherings – this one being the 29th – is to construct a museal collection for the soon-to-be-opened Br?ncu?i Museum. The three main Br?ncu?i monuments are located in T?rgu Jiu, situated at two opposite ends of the city. Walking in a straight line between the monuments is the artist’s path to exaltation: the Table of Silence (for meditation and inner toghts) stands beside the Jiu River. The path continues on to the Gate of the Kiss (love), passes through town by the church that was already being planned when the artist was fabricating his monuments, and culminates in the Endless Column (exaltation). In this issue I recreated the great artist’s decisions: the front page is the Table of Silence, the centerfold is the Gate of the Kiss, a photograph of an early version of it from the museum at Craiova, and a second photograph of another version from the Philadelphia collection, providing insight into the artist’s personal growth. Lastly, the back cover sports the Endless Column, leading us to exaltation.

Hana Barak Engel
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