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Amnon David Ar / Wie Lange h?lt das licht mz project room in Sch?neberg, Berlin.

The works were all painted during his 4 years in Berlin and reflect the development in his work since moving there. A contemporary realist painter, Ar's work is painted from observation using natural light and is characterised by an extremely rich palette and his flexible use of the brush.
The main topic he explores in this exhibition is our position as individuals in today's capitalist and commercial world. By pointing the focus to mass production items and trash and by his meticulous research of the light form and the colour of his subjects, the artist forces us to stop for a moment and look at the absurdity of contemporary life, to reconnect with our feelings and empathy.
At the centre of the exhibition, is his large painting "life itself" (named after Benjamin Netanyahu's quote) is a first of a series of 5, a somber depiction of the contemporary individual in a non-merciful surrounding, evoking contemplation on what went wrong in modern life.
Other paintings depict grotesque modern objects, preferably cheap and tacky, in a bitter humorous way.
The way they are painted however, leaves no doubt as to the passion and concentration put into their execution.
The few portraits and drawings exhibited are a more intimate and subtle invitation to the artists inner life.
The exhibition will be hosted by the mz project room in Sch?neberg, a brand new gallery and art space founded by Martina Zinkwe.

mz project room Kyffh?user str. 16, Sch?neberg Berlin

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