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The Shaken Continent / Orna Oren Izraeli Lohamei Ha-Guetaot Gallery

The wooden floor is usually seen as a foundation which adds a sense of warmth to the rooms of the home, as well as resistance against tear and restlessness. The artificial parquet panels used for flooring depict an image of wood slabs, a visual memory of appearances similar to the personal remembrances and collective myths that we carry within ourselves.
Orna Oren Izraeli paintings upon the parquet panels depict family encounters taking place in the present, while adding to the surface images taken from the past -- images from drawings she made as child become objects of transition re aimed at present moments. Next to them we see stains and marks, remnants of texts and headlines, sourced from old posters announcing a cultural event found in the archives of the artist’s grandfather Nachman Tamir, an ex journalist and literary editor who during the first two decades after the establishment of the State of Israel held various public positions in cultural enterprises both at home and abroad.
Following the first stage, the paintings go through an additional process of dismantling and reassembly.
“The Shaken Continent” is an installation art dealing with the dialog between four interrelated generations and the Israeli ambient; with the changes and transformation that the individual and the culture we live in go through; with the yearning for continuity; and with the forces of life and revival which coexist with fear of loss and annihilation.
Orna Oren Izraeli is writing a research thesis based on an artistic creation which addresses the connection between the underlying foundations of both paintings and culture. The thesis is being written as part of the artist’s Master’s degree studies in the Artist-Teacher course at the Oranim Academic College.

Curator: Gallia Bar Or
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