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Miriage / Miri Segal at Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

This extensive exhibition of Miri Segal’s work features a wide selection of her works over the past twenty years. Segal, a multidisciplinary artist, is one of the most original and acclaimed artists currently working in Israel. She presents a moving and thought-provoking body of work in new media, video, light, and photographic and computer-manipulated imagery. After completing her PhD in mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Segal left the field and took up art studies. Her works have been presented in dozens of exhibitions in leading museums, both in Israel and abroad. In recent years she has headed the Advanced Studies Program at Hamidrasha School of Art, and taught at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. In addition to familiar early works, on loan from museum and private collections, the current exhibition features new works. Key among them is the ambitious experimental video project Crushed Spirits: Exercises in Continental Philosophy. Segal employs sensory and physical manipulations and illusions, puns, and enticing technological experiences to create works that combine a poetic sensibility and a contemporary economic, cultural, and political critique. At the heart of the exhibition, alongside constant longing for the unattainable (which is manifested in a plethora of phantoms), is the ethical complexity of an alienated life in the age of Internet, social media, virtual simulation, and Artificial Intelligence.

Curator: Aya Lurie
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