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A Visual voice / Second and Third Generation artists

Many Artists found the Holocaust an interesting subject.
The Jewish German sociologist, philosopher Theodor Adorno once said that there can be no poetry after Auschwitz. Adorno said writing poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric. But it was one of the few ideas he regretted afterwards.
Writing poetry, painting a picture or making a statue is a testimony that life continues.
This exhibition deals with the memories of the second and third generation after the Holocaust.
The images that were chosen do not directly deal with the holocaust. However upon further examination it is seen that present within them are subtle tones of the holocaust as well as others that are not so subtle.
This exhibition deals with the feelings / the thoughts and the memories of the sons / daughters and grandsons of the people who came back from the holocaust.
Artists: Aviva Even Zohar, Eddie Sharaga, Eduard Almashe, Gdalyahu Hortig, Liya Dayagi, Milka Benziman, Orna L. Brock, Riva Rasin, Ronit Binder, Sarith Leila Haas, Vera Zmud Vartanov, Zipi Zegla.

Curator: Avivit Agam Dali, PhD
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