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Inbar Pianko

“For the tree of the field is man's life” (Deuteronomy 20:19) This verse, assigning to man the qualities of a tree, has led thinkers to a wonderful idea.

The growth of a tree is from its roots penetrating the depths of the earth, seeking that water source that will grant it life, its life force. These roots are not visible to man, they are buried deep in the ground, but if we see a tree bearing fruit, clearly it is deeply rooted, and has found its water source.

So is man. All that appears to others in his outward actions, if they are worthy and appropriate, is a testament to deep roots and qualities that pass from father to son. Man’s own inner growth is invaluable, of course, but mental attributes and powers originate from generations past. The trials and tribulations of Abraham have rooted in the heart of the whole nation the great powers and abilities that Abraham found in himself.

Yehuda Ruben
"The tree appears as an image and a symbol in poems and stories, as well as in the Bible.

The Tree of Knowledge in Genesis symbolizes wisdom; and let us not forget ‘For the tree of the field is man's life’ and The Giving Tree.

Throughout history, many artists used trees as a recurring motif or central theme in their respective works, each in his own different style and technique.
Pianko is a diverse and dynamic artist within this group, dealing with many aspects and granting us a broad view of both tree and background, in her own intriguing way and with the use of color, perspective, composition.
Some of her works allude on the one hand to the infinite height of the trees, a metaphor for the infinite power of human creation, and on the other to those strong roots that reflect Pianco's mood and feelings and the close relationship with Nature and Mother Earth.
The steadfastness of trees in the face of changing weather seems to mimic day-to-day life in this volatile and unstable region of ours, yet with all the pressure and disquiet it seems like a very strong statement.

"Man - and tree - must always remember others. Give and bestow as best as you can. The fruits you are giving today will be trees tomorrow. Do not let this cycle stop.”
From the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Rami Azzam, art director
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