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Non-volatile memory / melina gvaram Artists House, Tel Aviv

Hundreds of miniature paintings on computer diskettes constitute the heart of Melina Gvaram's solo exhibition at the Artists' House.
In the last two years, Melina has been painting on dozens of floppy disks in a mixed technique, portraits and scenes from everyday life around her. The tiny medium (12x12 cm) does not diminish Gvaram's ability to convey the mood, gestures and character traits of the characters, and the interaction between them fills the tiny substrate, which is directly expressive and direct, the colors are melted on the small substrate. Many of whose characters relate to the rejected and modernized people in society, foreign workers, the elderly, and children whose fate was not much better, the transparent people.
The exhibition includes a series of critically acclaimed portraits, anonymous and expressive, that convey pain, a cry and loneliness. Alongside those, portraits of animal-like, somewhat naive, painted with minimalist reminiscent of children's painting.
The world of small events is painted on diskettes, the ones that two decades ago were the usual way of transferring information and saving it from the computer and transferring it to other computers. The diskette, which was made of plastic material coated with a layer of magnetized material similar to a round, flat magnetic tape, was in the early 1990s a means used for storing and saving data and backing up computer files. With the rapid technological development - these disks became irrelevant, today's ability to compress information on other formats has long since suppressed them and they have become an object that is no longer needed. Gavram uses this material as a platform in which there is probably a "different life," coded information that is useless and unknown to us, and paints on the surface situations in which she concentrates her thoughts, on the here and now.

Curator: Vera Pilpoul
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