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Nitzi Bakal Nachshon / hasadna leomanot in yavne

Bakal Nachshon’s art is charged with dramatic and vital energy. Yet this is no coincidence, as the artist’s dramatic sensibilities are highly developed, and she seamlessly moves between painting and acting on stage. Her mental agility enables her to cross over between the various disciplines with confidence based on her senses - on her self-awareness and abilities. Bakal Nachshon displays a colorful set of skills and true existential daring, charging her with the power that enables her various works to become a reality. This vibrant and diverse artist uses in her paintings multiple twists - some mimicking reality, others surrounded by a boundary line, limiting their scope. Their clarity is like a common thread, characterizing most of her paintings. To anyone who knows her and her vivacious, positive character, such brightness of color beautifully encapsulates her spirit. Read more

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