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In the footsteps of Bracesi

The gardens dedicated in TarguJiu's to Brancusi's monumental works reawaken the unending
admiration to his works. Brancusi was born in a small village in this quiet country, perhaps too quiet, slowly developing, at a local pace that takes us quite a long time to internalize. We Israelis do not have similar lifestyles to compare and assimilate, the outdated and naive lifestyle has never existed in Israel, or at least not since the establishment of the Israeli state. Our frenetic lifestyle does not provide us with the tools to understand a way of life in which the food is raised in the back yard and the time movement different,Time moves slowly.

The reason for the visit was a re-invitation to participate in an international symposia that takes place in Targu Jiu, it was the Samposion no. 29 And before the last they fulfill. no. 30 is planned to be the last and is supposed to host about one hundred artists who participated in previous meetings. The objectives of the meetings are to build an international collection of works to establish a museum, and as the opening ceremony of the exhibition said, Mr. jon is expected: the next meeting will be Expect to announce the date for the museum's establishment.

The festival was attended by artists from Romania, naturally, Bulgaria from Serbia, Italy from Moldova, and the largest Israeli delegation with seven representatives: Liliana Galor, Head of Delegation, Hedva and Roni Reuven, Anat Michaelis Levy, Marius Galor, Gila Miller and myself. The project was organized and executed by Mr. Teodor Dadalau with the kind help of Alice Dansko. Until now twelve Israeli artists have participated in this initiative, out of appreciation for Brancusi and his work - in order to build a suitable collection for the opening of the museum. The symposium began with the most beautiful panorama pension in Romania with a rare panoramic view. Sergio, the host, took us on various trips in the area with in-depth explanations about the forest people - the residents of the area. Later we moved to Brancusi's pension, yes, it's not a mistake, the pension belongs to the Brancusi cousins widow and bears his name proudly. In this place we were joined by other artists and we all immersed ourselves in a blessed work that was interrupted only to travel to magical places or to drink and eat….

Before the start of the exhibition itself, we returned to Targu Jiu for another opportunity was created to enjoy the table of silence located close to the river, to walk to the gate of kiss, and from there through the center of the city, passing by the church which was already planned when Brancusi planned and donated his works and was part of the road to The infinite Pillar that leads to infinity or to enlightenment. And if the table of silence and convergence is summed up - the gate of the kiss - for the road is love and at the end of the endless Pillar that awaits us. Yes, a genius.

On the last day we continued, the group of Israelis, to Kariova, which is about two hours drive to their beautiful art museum located in a building that was once a charming palace. Where they have a small treasure: six works by Brancusi, i am confessing that we were excited: we met there an early version of the kiss, a figurative version full of details and the possibility of comparing it with the later version of the kiss in Targu Jiu - the gate of the kiss told us about the long way he made since his first engagement with the subject and his semi-abstract works in his later years. This visual information is highly appreciated by art lovers and travelers who even from a distance of very long time can appreciate the greatness of an extraordinary creator.

Hana Barak Engel
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