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Outside Time / Iris Nesher at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

At the center of Iris Nesher’s exhibition is a projection on a loop of snapshots of her son, Ari Nesher, taken at various museums and other artrelated destinations around the world. The images begin with a photograph of Ari as a child of six, during a family visit to the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. In the wake of that first photograph, an entire series emerged over the years – gradually, and amidst consultations between mother and son over direction and positioning – during other family visits to museums or churches containing art treasures. The final photograph in the series was taken shortly before Ari’s tragic death, at the age of seventeen, in a road accident. The series concludes with two self-portraits of the photographer. Nesher's projection is an elegy whose accumulated images provide a multilayered portrait of many periods and situations, in which our knowledge of the son’s tragic death intersects with thoughts about the museum's function as a contemporaneous time capsule that preserves and commemorates, outside the flow of time, the essence of what it is to be human.

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