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Shoshana Levit Artistic Elevation

A unique talent is embodied in the creations of Shoshana Levit. The artist has been involved for many years in various fields of artistic creativity which includes, among others: oil paintings, sculptures, drawings, collages, prints in various techniques, illustrations, and writing. She aspires to share with the viewers and readers her own joy of life, which she expresses with vigor and coherence, and her personal belief that art elevates from everyday reality. The written word and the visual image are harmonized in the works of this multi-talent artist. They integrate and empower each other. Words evoke images and visual images evoke words. Her paintings are illustrated stories, and the books written by her are accompanied by her illustrations. She uses various techniques including self-developed ones, such as preparing collages from diverse materials, and printing them in oil colors in one edition (mono print). Her works are characterized by combination of contrasts: light and dark, minimalistic and full of details, which forms joyful compositions, with textural and chromatic richness. In several occasions Read more

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