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Nurit Shoshani / Colors in Movement – with the Touch of the Keyboard

Shoshani, not a young artist, bursts through the limits of the accepted familiar and common and rushes into the space of the new, digital world to produce her works, a world holding a discourse between words and shapes, poetry and painting. The body of these works is satiated with color and movement, but one would not wish to touch the texture, smell the color, nor determine the size of the work. One stands opposite colors diluted one inside another in a distinct manner, creating new paths while, simultaneously, determining borders. The work creates images integrating human and nature, human and landscape, human and narrative. The colors are overflowing and romping, the shapes blend and the painting is created. While these works do not contain the traditional smell of paints, they do include the scent and spirit of the times. Read more

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סייבורג מחשבים - בניית אתרים