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Dita Rosenzweig Liron

“I have been painting one painting my whole life,” says the artist, Dita Rosenzweig Liron. But that “one” painting has become, during the years, dozens and even hundreds of works… That “one” paining testifies to a clearly defined personal touch, to an artistic language inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe and adapted to the very different personality of Dita Rosenzweig Liron. This picturesque language, flowing in relaxed, feminine-existential round lines is full of vital colorfulness. The colors themselves do not mix, each has its clear borders and distinction from the neighboring colors. The paintings are full of joie de vivre, but are performed in very restrained manner; there is no color dissonance, all combinations of the shades are always harmonious.

The “one” painting became a long journey, rich in details, telling an existential narrative lighted by beams of the smiling sun and the flow of energy in growing plants and still objects. Combining the shapes in a pleasant harmony testifies to a serene pulse of life, to slow changes of existence as times change. These works do not encompass pain or sorrow, nor the hardships of existence. Drawing from her complete personal being the artist chooses to immortalize her spiritual calm and the changes she experiences. She learns how to channel the existential beauty she is familiar with, to the canvas as her preferred representation, with the goal of communicating with us.

As we gaze at the works we can disassemble them to details and examine the ingredients separately. One can analyze each part in isolation and reach conclusions… but that would be a mistake, as I see it. Knowing the artist for many years now, I choose to take a broader gaze at her works, seeing them as one body of work carried out through decades – but nonetheless, one body of work. If we imagine these works as a slow-motion film, we can easily visualize the separating lines slowly changing their locations, the fields of color following; the change of shapes, from one work to another, does not change the inner content of these works. It is an imaginary formal dance that connects all these works enabling flow and communication between them all.

There are only a handful of people who know themselves and their path clearly, and undertake their journey securely and calmly. Dita Rosenzweig Liron is one of these, knowing her path from the start, as indicated by the harmony connecting all her different works, despite being created during different decades. These tell the story of the artists’ life and personality, her dreams and ambitions. They point to her interests as well as personal preferences, her character and the way she views reality. The light emerging from her works is absorbed in the serene joy of life that radiates from the paintings, encompassing the viewer, taking him to a colorful, aesthetic journey.

Hana Barak Engel
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