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Under a full moon / Haya Ester at David Yalin Art Gallery

Visual artist and poet Haya Ester writes pictures and paints words and letters. She states that the letters are her life, calling them “letters flying through the air.” The artist describes the white page as leading her “like the tablet of my heart” from the visible to the invisible, to the secret forms of the letters and the pictures engraved in the page. Haya Ester writes that the expanses of the visual element excite her but that they have no validity in and of themselves, meaning that the life flowing through this space – her life, body, soul, and spirit -- are channels of energy impacting the visual dimension and delineating it. They validate it. Her prints overflow, speaking, whispering, rustling, raising their voices, trembling, bursting out, screaming. Sometimes words and images share the expressive and intimate field of a sheet of paper; we can imagine how the words are transformed into images and images become words. “I waited, moonstruck, under the full moon.” She is a poet who paints with words, dwelling alternately in the heavenly domain or sailing through the cosmic expanse, creating pathways into human hearts.

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