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Michael Morgenstern, Yosef Ostrovsky z"l at Hechal Shlomo in Jerusalem

The artists Ostrovsky and Morgenstern developed as outstanding artists behind the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union, a country where freedom of artistic expression was restricted and they weren't able openly to lead Jewish way of life.
They dreamed of freedom, and from the bottom of their hearts they sought artistic freedom.
Their Jewish feelings were based on memories of their childhood years, and led them to dream about the Land of Israel. This is the essence of the worldview of the two painters, and the mission they saw in their art.
The two artists, each in his own way with his own unique color palette, pointed humor and keen eye, were united together for the enthralling exhibition to show their unique style. It is characterized by idyllic scenes from everyday life, adoration of simplicity, and by use of specific colors and tints that characterize that time. Each of them created in accordance with its character and personal style.
Both of them show in their paintings life in the Diaspora, and what life can be after Aliya. They include memories, points, life crossroads and scenes from the daily life of the communities in which they lived.
Vividness and vitality that speak to us from Ostrovsky's works come from his mastery of technical and professional artistry. Portraits he painted are more than likeness - but penetration into souls of models through their facial features.
Even the most mundane objects that appear in Morgenstern's paintings acquire a different image in which color dominates over everything else. His symbolic compositions have a wondrous balance where hidden is greater than visible.
Both of them express great and sincere love for people and nature in wonderful ways using spectacular, light-toned paint.
Both artists produced a wealth of powerful, inspiring and touching works, imbued with the light of the Jewish soul.
In the ways of Divine Providence, they were reunited into one family (Yosef's son married Michael's daughter), put their strong roots in the Land of Israel, and they were honored with many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Their dreams came true!

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