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Miriam (Miri) Freud Mayblum

The window is a source of inspiration for Miriam (Miri) Freud Mayblum. A window is simultaneously an opened and closed space. It allows air and light in, and enables one to look through it and at it. The glass set in the window-frame literally frames a picture. A living, breathing, changing image. One can look out through it, one can look in from outside. But it's always there, and despite seemingly lacking presence and being transparent, it can create a unique presence. This unique presence is captured by Freud Mayblum.
It seems that Freud Mayblum examines these 'transparent walls' that clearly separate outside from inside, and create situations of one facing many. These windows, that open up in transparency, were created to enable someone to see something that was left there for him to see. Display windows are always designed to focus our gaze on the object, investing thought and design. But it seems that display windows can also have their own lives, their own forces, their own wills and forms of expression.
These forms of expression are simultaneously evident and hidden. Freud Mayblum's sharp, investigating eye reveals the different sights, those trapped in the transparent window itself, regardless of their will. This is a form of cooperation between the presented objects, the lighting (light, night, day, clouds and filters), the surrounding, the people walking by, and the artist's examining look. Freud Mayblum transforms the 'na?ve' display to a different one. This display includes all that is displayed, and all that is added due to the transparency, the choice of point of view and selected photo, and real time events. Whether from outside inside, or from the inside to the exterior.
At the first stage the artists looks, adjusts and photos, choosing the composition, angle, light, moment, movement and more. This is the first stage of data being received through her lenses, due to her direct choice. These become the materials and base of her next work. And from this point on the artist continues to manipulate the colors and textures.
The display window, reflecting back its own, and the transparent window she is looking through – both simultaneously function as 'missing and present.' Being present, the window allows playfulness with colors and layers, placing on one surface close and far, light and dark, sharp and blurry. The window isn't present, since it is transparent, and this non-presence makes for an intriguing presence. Freud Mayblum points, through her work, to the fact that invisibility can create and present many images.
And as the transparent window plays with its reflections as it wishes, so does Freud Mayblum play with the fruits of her examinations. She presents a multi-layer, multi-shaded reality that includes opaque and transparent, close and far, truth and imagination – like a journey in a fairy-tale country.

Dr Nurit Cederboum
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