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Teodor Dadalau / at the Yavneh Sadna Leamanut

The Sadna Leamanut Yavneh hosts Romanian-born artist and photographer D?d?l?u, in honor of his 18th book launch! What a rare and well-deserved achievement. D?d?l?u, working for the Ministry of Culture in Gorj County, chronicles his native county - his place of residence - and captures its people on the eve of the great changes brought about by the country’s open borders. The Romanian hinterland, miles away from the big cities, preserved much of its unique character, which has captivated the heart of the artist. And so he keeps documenting it religiously for years.
He is mostly enchanted with people in traditional and period costume, attending local celebrations, especially light-footed dances wearing their embroidered clothes. And also laborers: shepherds walking their herd to pasture, with their trusted herding dog at their feet. Their faces deeply creased by weather and time, their kind-hearted and expressive faces. Their charm is well-depicted and displayed with much talent, arousing in the viewer a sense of the photographer watching his subjects, as well as the subjects themselves. Hard working farmers planting seeds in their small plots of land, a very common way of life in this part of the country, is also lovingly portrayed, with their shining eyes and exuberance.
Many churches and monasteries also feature in his books, as an indelible part of this beautiful lush and water-filled country. The land is very hospitable, inviting, bursting with crops and so full of life - fauna, domestic animals and human beings alike. With his deeply rooted love for his country, the artist has managed to convey the length and breadth of its glorious beauty. The series of books D?d?l?u published over the years is complemented by an exhibition, allowing us to get to know him better, him and his body of work.

Hana Barak Engel
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