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Orit Goldman / Our Eyes Are Seeing, while We Are Turning Virtually Abstract

“Our eyes are seeing, while we are turning virtually abstract”, says Orit Goldman. And indeed, our eyes can also see through Goldman’s eyes, as she abstracts and extracts. Goldman sees in her own unique way, then shows that which others cannot see. She also offers the viewer her own personal interpretation of a reality that is at once inner and outer. It seems that in constructing the painting, she is mostly concerned with abstraction, not as a mere style and technique, but also in terms of extracting things of their essential shells to lay them bare and pure. And the more she abstracts and extracts, the more she expresses. Her own unique expressive mode involves a display of stark-naked simple form, the void that fills the surface of her painting, the construction that is destruction, the coming apart that comes together again, the coarseness that is smoothened, the transparent and the dull, the fixed and the fluid. As in life. Read more

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