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Healing of the Soul – between Science and the Unknown / The works of Lela Migirov

A small or large canvas is the platform for Prof. Migirov’s unknown soul residue. This is an old-new science of a painter pondering words and findings in the language of colors and shapes, using life itself as inspiration.
A world of metaphors is placed on the border line between what exists and doesn’t, reality and imagination and the physical and the metaphysical. This is the world of Migirov, drowning in a sea of colors arranged in immaculate order on the canvas, while being simultaneously raging and loud. This meeting point, sometimes appearing in the titles of her paintings – “The Art of Conversation,” is where storms and self-control live together, and this dialectic point is where the magic is created.
In Migirov’s works the invented metaphor hints to some reality, but then disappears in front of the viewer’s eyes, when the subjective point of view is altered, transformed into an abstract meeting of colors. In other words, the figurative melts away and reappears continuously.
Migirov chooses, as she explains, a course of creation combining imagination and mysticism, opting for metaphors from life and the bible. The artist somehow relates to surrealistic thought, in the sense that her work blends dreams and reality, but as they allude to reality they convey an almost invisible touch of expressive freedom, deeply immersed in the movements of her soul.
“Everything is possible,” Migirov says in words and prove it in her paintings. And as a disciple of science, arriving from the world of medicine, it seems that her paintings are the results of vast knowledge and movements of the soul, transformed by the mere action of painting – and the final product – with the will of soothing and healing the soul. The patches of color, interweaved in the material world alluding to sensuality and a lust for life, also form borders and separations on the canvas, thus relating the story of a soul constructed of different parts, merging into one, complete, unit.

dr. Nurit Cederbuim

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