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Zamira Hindes Wartenberg / at Tel Aviv Artists House

Hindes Watenberg’s best works were assembled for this exhibition, as well as many previously unseen works, and other works that were exhibited, albeit in different contexts, allowing a different, new reading. The volume of the works in the exhibition testifies as to the artist, the hardships etched in the depth of her works, the depths hidden in her existence. The artists expresses her emotions and thoughts through strong, confident strokes, revealing her inner world without holding back. Her emotions and thoughts blend with her life experience, resulting in a passionate dance of inebriating color. The spontaneity in her works is honest and convincing, the power of her emotions reflecting out of the work and deeply touching the viewer.
The style of Hindes Wartenberg’s can be seen as contemporary German expressionism. This style began to evolve in the beginning of the 20th century in Germany and its neighbors, notably Austria and Switzerland. Expressionism is characterized by powerful colorfulness, the colors are often contrasting, and the strong brush strokes border on violence. This allows the artist to share his emotions with the viewers; his figures are set to describe his inner feelings and tell a personal story. Some of the adherents to this style include The Bridge (Die Br?cke), Oskar Kokoschka, Edvard Munch and many others.
Hindes Wartenberg is mostly interested in humans – mainly those close to her, such as her family, herself, and I, too, appear in one of her works. Another part of her work focuses on animals, as she loves them without limits. They are as important as humans, and are equally presented in her works. Their heads and some of their bodies are drawn clearly, markedly, but other parts of the body are obscured into the background, symbolized by rounding lines, allowing our imagination to complete the picture. She has a similar approach when painting humans and in her self-portraits – head and face underlined, some body parts clearly depicted, while the rest blends into an emotional, colorful expression, with strong brush strokes.
The current group of works allows us to focus our gaze and understanding of this large, deep body of work. The drama created in the works is the natural result of the existential drama of life, trickling into the canvass, liberating wild, passionate energy, serving as the agent of the viewers gaze and imagination. There is also place for eroticism, peeping at us from different angles, half winking, quarter smiling, as if saying: I am a significant part of being. Strolling among her works allows us a look into Hindes Wartenberg’s rich and wild imagination, as well as the depths of her soul.

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