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Desires, Disorders / Annette Messager at Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Ever since the 1970s, Messager has been creating a wide-ranging and extraordinary body of work. Her oeuvre’s riveting, groundbreaking character revolves in this exhibition around two main axes: desire and disorder. Messager creates in a variety of mediums and on different scales, ranging from intimate drawings to impressive, monumental installations. Her art is concerned with themes and materials that draw, among other influences, on her childhood and personal experiences.
Early on in her career, Messager consolidated her social-feminist worldview, which subverts accepted conventions and presents us with a striking theatrical performance. The power of her work is rooted in the excess, repetition and boldness that characterize her images. As she declares, “My art is my religion. Good art must be deeply moving. Without emotion or desire, there is no meaning to life.” True to the French meaning of her name, Annette Messager is indeed the messenger of a fantastic, pleasure-filled and disturbing world, whose exclusive and uncompromising language represents five decades of art-making.

Guest Curator: Marie Shek
Associate Curator: Galit Landau-Epstein
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