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The Tel Aviv Museum of Art presents a rare exhibition of Amedeo Modigliani’s works, and despite being modest in terms of size, it is a true gem, extremely recommended. Other interesting exhibitions at the Tel Aviv Museum include Zadok Ben-David’s works featuring 6,000 human images from throughout the world, in varying sizes. David Ginton’s exhibition is both loaded and multi-layered, dealing with the stringent world views that are at the base of the existence of Israel, provocatively and intelli...Read more...
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A visit to Belle Shafir's studio
ely neat space, with the working materials out of sight. The conversation began with various topics that interest Belle, and continued with a discussion as to the artworks hanging on the studio walls....
Nobuya Yamaguchi / at the Rehovot Municipal Art Gallery, Exhibition Curator: Ora Kraus
he emerged give birth to a unique exhibition. Yamaguchi builds traditional instruments, their sound and appearance blending into one. These sounds combine with the artworks, mixing visual and sound. ...
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The Name of the Painting / David Ginton at Tel-Aviv Museum of Art
reveal itself to the viewer, while concurrently hinting at theological aspects associated with seeing the face of God and with death. Curator: Anat Danon Sivan Assistant curator: Naama Bar-Or ...
Redemption Now / Yael Bartana at the Jewish Museum Berlin
ith the theme of collective redemption, the video installation also addresses trauma, expectations of salvation, and the longing for change. Curators: Dr. Shelley Harten and Dr. Gregor H. Lersch. ...
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When Color meets Shape / Sara Bolotin
by the dance of the paintbrush, charging the works with their power. As Delacroix famously said: “the first quality of a painting – is that it is a celebration for the eyes.” dr. Nurit Cederbuim ...
Healing of the Soul – between Science and the Unknown / The works of Lela Migirov
ity and a lust for life, also form borders and separations on the canvas, thus relating the story of a soul constructed of different parts, merging into one, complete, unit. dr. Nurit Cederbuim ...
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